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All Natural Healing Pet Salve


Our Healing Pet Salve is made with healing herbs; use on dry cracked paws, hot spots, infections and open wounds. Its an herbal salve for Cats and Dogs and is safe to lick.

Made with herbal infusion of Comfrey, Plantain, St. John’s Wort andaloe in olive oil, coconut oil, beeswax and vitamin E.

Comfrey  is a speedy wound healer and can help reduce scar tissue from developing. It is used best for minor wounds or those that already have tissue forming over a deeper wound before applying. It can be used for external ulcers, wounds and fractures. The comfrey plant itself contains allantoin which is a cell proliferate that helps repair damaged tissue. Other key properties of comfrey include astringent, vulnerary and anti-inflammation.

Plantain encourages the repair of damaged tissue and can be used to treat bruises and ulcers..

St. John’s Wort has wonderful medicinal qualities of pain relief and anti-inflammatory.

Aloe disinfects cuts and scrapes and encourages cellular regeneration, resulting in faster healing and less scarring.

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Healing Pet Salve

We have many different pets. We use this on our dogs and dairy goats mostly. It smells amazing and heals naturally! It is good to know people like Rising Sun Ranch are out there creating amazing products for natural people. Thanks for so many wonderful products!    Hillary - Fla

I can’t say enough about the pet salve. We have cats and the salve heals any scratch or injury they get from playing rough or the many things they do to get bumps and scratches. The salve heals very quickly. I was amazed….am not without it, ever.  Sara - FL

My dog “Dottie” had ACL surgery almost 4 weeks ago, when her staples came out I started using your arnica salve on her scar, it is healing wonderfully !!! Love this product.    Sue - CO