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Facial Creme - only have lemongrass left


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This face creme recipe is rich and moisturizing and soothes, repairs dry, damaged and aging skin types.  Choose from Lemongrass or Grapefruit/Ginger essential oil.

Lemongrass~ A pleasant, fresh lemon aroma Lemongrass oil has a regulating and tonic action on your body, mind and spirit making it excellent for renewal of your life energies on all levels.

Grapefruit/Ginger - Grapefruit~ Increases circulation and tones skin cell tissues.  When feeling drained Grapefruit oil can be relied upon to renew your optimism!  Ginger~ Its restorative properties help you to recover when you’re physically and emotionally burnt out, depleted or exhausted.

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Facial Creme

Works great and the scent is amazing                     Debbie - TX

This creme is wonderful. First I use the facial wash and then the creme. It makes your face feel really great. I used Noxema before but this creme feels so much better.      Joann