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For those who don’t wear gloves and end up with cuts and scratches on their hands I made this hand balm with healing herbs of pinion pine sap, chaparral, oatmeal and lavender buds in wonderful oils and shea butter.
Wild Harvested pinion pine pitch has been used by the Native Americans of the southwest for centuries as a remedy for skin problems. It readily penetrates the skin and is good for dry skin problems. It may encourage re-growth in tissue and may be effective in killing harmful bacteria. It is known to have great ability as a drawing agent to pull infection and toxins (insect bites) from flesh and help wounds heal. It is appropriate for use on humans and livestock as well.
Pinion pine pitch contains flavonols, proanthocyanidins, resins and volatile oils that are stimulating and anti-inflammatory in effect. The albetic resins may stimulate topical circulation and noticeably speed up the foreign body response.