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Saddle Sore Muscle Rub/Arnica Injury Salve Gift Box


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Saddle Sore Muscle Rub~
Use for all muscle and joint pain including arthritis. Massage in deeply for full effect. Purchased by  physical therapists, massage therapists and chiropractors.

Arnica Injury Salve~                                                                                                                                                                      Apply my Arnica Injury Salve on bruising, scar tissue, sunburn, and other forms of skin irritation or inflammation. The Arnica in this product is wild-crafted from our local mountains, the organic Comfrey is harvested at our ranch, annually, to provide the freshest product.

Arnica has been used since the 16th century to soothe minor skin afflictions such as bruising and scar tissue repair. Arnica salve can reduce swelling and speed healing. Its healing properties believed to be due to constituents of the flower such as helenalin, an anti-inflammatory that helps prevent edema. Studies have shown the flower also has some anti-microbial activity. Topical preparations reduce swelling and possibly increase the circulation around the area, which soothes the pain and swelling.

We harvest Arnica each Spring and infuse it into both our Saddle Sore Muscle Rub and Arnica Salve. We also offer Arnica in an oil.

Pregnant women, children, and individuals with medical conditions should consult a doctor before use. If skin sensitivity occurs, stop use.