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Toe Drops


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My “Toe Drops” are a potent anti-fungal remedy that fights toenail fungus and athlete’s foot, using all-natural ingredients that are anti-fungal, anti-bacterial, anti-viral, anti-inflammatory.

With nail fungus, file the nail down some especially if it is a thick nail to release pressure and than apply my Toe Drops and massage in.

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Toe Drops

I don’t typically write reviews on products, but felt compelled to for this one. While browsing in the gift shop at Yampa Airport I noticed the Toe Drops and purchased them for my husband who has tried so many different things, (OTC and prescription meds,) for his athlete’s foot and gnarly toenails. He tried this upon my insistence and wow, after 2 days there was a remarkable difference in the appearance of his toenails, he’s continuing to use it twice daily and we feel confident that his toes are going to look great again in time for summer. :) Great Product.    Gillian

Another miracle product by Rising Sun! I saw a review on Facebook so decided to try. Picked up a bottle at our Farmers Market in August. For months I’ve had a problem with the nail polish on my right big toe chipping. After only 3 months of use, twice a day, I noticed the last time I got my nails polished that there was no chip and the dryness seemed to be all gone. Highly recommend!      Donna - CO

I picked up a bottle of Toe Drops at the Yampa Airport on my way home from Steamboat in January. I started to notice results on my nails within a month…and that was just using it once a day. I am now using it 2-3 times a day as recommended and am very happy. The pharmaceutical alternative was too frightening to consider.   Steven - TX